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How do we handle stress? Many of us talk. Talking is actually a pretty fantastic remedy for stress. When we become overwhelmed by life, and let’s face it all of us get to this point sooner or later, there is almost nothing better than simply talking to someone about it. But what if that someone isn’t there for you to talk to?

Yes, we can choose to call our family members and turn to our significant other but what if you don’t like that they have to say or what if you don’t want to bother them? The alternative is often a therapist or, depending on your situation, a psychologist. The thing is we often don’t need the elevated level of expertise that these professional have to offer. So instead of paying someone $50 per hour, why not simply try to talk to someone?

Thankfully, InstaWell is here to help you find that perfect someone to talk to. So next time you start to stress and need to vent to someone, find yourself needing motivation, or simply want to chat with someone, turn to InstaWell.

About InstaWell

InstaWell offers you the ability to chat anonymously and privately about pretty much anything. If you are frustrated with anything, if you are trying to make a difficult decision, or if you are simply feeling alone, InstaWell gives you a person that you can communicate with. They have thousands of Helpers who come from various backgrounds and have various experiences who can help you with anything you need help with.

The one thing that you do have to remember is that even though there are many professionals who work amongst the Helpers of InstaWell, they do not offer psychiatrists who are able to give you advice regarding medications that you can take for certain situations. This community is made of people who simply want to talk. If you are seeking medical advice, they recommend talking to your doctor or seeing a professional psychiatrist.

InstaWell is available on multiple platforms. At the moment if you have an Android or iOS device you can download their app from the Google Store or the Apple Market. You can get an extension for Firefox or Chrome which will give you access to InstaWell. Finally, it is also available on Amazon for free.

Besides being able to get help, you also can become a Helper. A Helper is a person who is there when someone needs you to talk to. The requirements for becoming a helper are pretty simple. You need to be at least 16 years of age and you should be kind, non-judgmental, and respectful. If you meet these requirements you can apply to become a helper and chat with various people who need you. Keep in mind that you will have to complete a short training session in order to be promoted to a Helper.

Plans And Pricing

The pricing system is somewhat unique when it comes to InstaWell. First and foremost we must mention that you can try InstaWell for 1 day at no cost at all. This means that you can find a 1-day plan which will be completely free and you can cat for up to 24 hours with the helper of your choice. There are no hidden fees and everything is accessible in the app.

Not many companies are willing to do this. The fact that InstaWell believes in their mission so much that they are able to offer you a free day of chatting makes us think that they know exactly what they are doing and are willing to sacrifice time and money to show people that this method of communication works.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit more long-term than the 7-day plan is another option for you. The prices range depending on the helper you decide to choose but they are within $10-$50 per plan, so don’t expect to pay over that amount. The way it works is by you searching through the Helpers who are already on the InstaWell application and who have specific descriptions and keywords associated with their experience.

Each Helper is able to offer different types of advice or communication type. For example, if you are seeking for relationship advice then you would type in ‘relationship’ in the search bar and look through all the helpers who specialize in that area. If you are having stress-related problems with schoolwork, then search for those keywords and anyone who is able to focus on this specific area will pop up with a description of their Helper type and the price at which you can purchase one of their plans.

Becoming A Helper

As we mentioned above, you also have the option of becoming a Helper. Currently, InstaWell accepts people who are professionals in their field if they want to be a Helper. This means that if your intent is in creating a 7-day plan which will help people with a specific topic then you also have to be a professional when it comes to that topic.

For example, if you plan on helping with Mental Health issues then you should most likely have some sort of a degree associated with that field or currently be working at a location related to that field. You will find many helpers who are Ph.D.’s or M.A.’s in these specific fields. We have encountered many Counseling Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, and Educational Psychology professionals where have become Helpers on InstaWell and were offering their service with a specific plan that they have created.

InstaWell Conclusion

Offering the simple ability to communicate with people who are knowledgeable and are able to help you with whatever problems you are facing in life is truly unique. The best part is that this knowledge doesn’t have to be bound to psychiatrist offices which can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable or simply be too expensive for us to handle.

InstaWell has created a platform that works. It’s accessible on multiple devices. It has plenty Helpers who are professionals and know what they are doing and it’s affordable. There is absolutely no reason not to try InstaWell.

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