LED Folding Makeup Mirror With Magnification?

Broadway Beauty

Broadway Beauty is a mirror that offers both illumination and magnification to help consumers get a better view of their face while they get ready for the day. The product is offered with a bonus compact with the same performance for a small fee.

What Is Broadway Beauty?

Getting ready in the morning is a matter of paying attention to detail. Most women take the time to put on some kind of makeup in the morning, but it’s hard to get a good view of the face with limited lighting in a room. Even if they don’t put on makeup in the morning, they still want to make sure that they’ve washed their face of any impurities and eliminating any rogue facial hairs. To get a better view, consumers need a better mirror, like Broadway Beauty.

Broadway Beauty sits on a stand that allows the user to adjust the angle that they see their face. Along the edge, small LED lights illuminate to give the user a complete view of every hair and pore to make sure that they get the appearance that they want. There’s even a touch-button that allows the user to increase the intensity of the light. It offers magnification of up to 5x, 10x, or 15x magnification to get the best view possible, which is also available with the touch-screen buttons. While not in use, Broadway Beauty has a cover that can be closed to protect the mirror from becoming dirty while not in use.

This device comes with a portable compact and an organization tray. The tray has enough space to hold the different products that consumers use in the morning. The compact offers all of the same benefits, but in a device that is small enough to carry in someone’s pocket.

Read on below to learn how to get these remedies.

Pricing For Broadway Beauty

To purchase the Broadway Beauty mirror, consumers have the choice of two different packages, depending on how good of a deal they want. Choose from:

  • The Broadway Beauty mirror, plus a portable compact that offers illumination on the go ($19.99 plus shipping and handling)
  • Two Broadway Beauties, plus the portable compacts ($19.99, plus $9.99 for the bonus product, plus $6.99 for shipping and handling)

In the event that the user doesn’t like how Broadway Beauty works for them, they have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a complete refund on the purchase.

Contacting The Creators Of Broadway Beauty

Even though the advertisement and video both show much of the information that consumers will need to know, consumers may need to reach out to the customer service team. To reach a representative, either fill out the form on the official website at http://www.buybroadwaybeauty.com/contactus.jsp, or call 1-800-681-1489.

The team is available to answer calls each day of the week at varying times.

Broadway Beauty Conclusion

Broadway Beauty is meant to help consumers to get a better view of their appearance. With the ability to customize the view of the face in the morning, consumers can create the clearest image for them to apply eyeliner, pluck hairs, and apply their face moisturizer. There are plenty of vanity mirrors available with similar settings, but this product offers it all in a more user-friendly size.

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