Perfume & Candles With Fresh Natural Scents?

The fragrance industry is flourishing, especially because women love finding a positive scent that enables them to feel beautiful, luxurious, and attractive. However, despite the success of the fragrance industry, there are also signs of a shift – that is, users are looking for more natural and safe products where individuals do not need to compromise safety for quality. One brand that is part of the shift is Phlur Frangrances. This brand recognizes that a fragrance is a conscious choice that requires mindfulness and a determination that the formula is a safe and reliable option that smells stunningly as well.

What Is Phlur Fragrances?

Phlur Fragrances is a new brand that is dedicated to providing consumers with products that are made with responsible means and that smell wonderful as well. There are countless scents that users can choose from and they feature a luxurious quality, but without being made by a fashion designer or a celebrity. As the brand explains, its products can be tried without even needing to enter a department store fragrance counter and users will be able to look forward to wearing the products on a daily basis as well.

Reimaging The Fragrance

There are many unique qualities of Phlur Fragrances and one such qualities is that the brand’s products reimage the fragrance. According to the brand, consumer health is of the utmost importance and as a result, the brand deliberately excludes all “potentially harmful ingredients.” Meaning, the brand does not apply any skin irritants, unnecessary additives, or other harmful substances that can cause serious damage over the long term. The brand cares about its consumers and the planet, which means that those who choose the brand can be certain that they are choosing one that is both safe and sustainable.

Packaged With Integrity

Not only is the formula reimaged to ensure a safer and more sustainable solution for consumers, but the packaging that encompasses the formula has been revamped by this brand as well. Unlike many brands that use clear bottles that contains stabilizers that seep into the formula, this brand’s products are placed in opaque bottles made with 20% recycled glass. In addition, the paint for the bottle is vegetable-based so that the bottle can be recycled afterwards. As for the box, it is made with the brand’s FSC-certified boxes, made with 100% post-consumer cardboard. These qualities not only make for great products, but a more sustainable lifestyle as well.

A Like-Minded Team

The team behind the brand is just as important as the quality of the products. The most successful natural and sustainable brands are those that employ life-minded individuals who believe in the cause. Fortunately, Phlur employs a team that features conscious individuals who are dedicated to creating natural, safe, and sustainable products that consumers can feel good about using. Those who are interested in learning more about the team can do so through the brand’s website. The bios are available, they are short, and easy to read so that users can acquaint themselves with the people behind the products.

Get Samples Before Buying

Very few brands offer individuals the opportunity to try samples before making a purchase. Phlur is different – users can pick three scents through the brand’s website for just $18. The samples come in 2mL bottles – just enough for a month’s supply of each scents. Users can choose from any scent that they’d like so that they can determine what works well for them and their needs. To get started with the sample process, just visit the “Kit” portion of the brand’s website.

Various Fragrance Options

There are many different fragrance options that users can choose from as well. Here are the different categories of fragrances so that users know what to look forward to:


The Hanami line of products is an aquatic floral tableau. It has a subtle and warm embrace and it is quite gentle in scent. Those who do not appreciate harsh or overly overpowering scents may want to give this line a chance.

Olmsted and Vaux

Olmstead and Vaux are two different scents that are ideal for those who are looking for a clean and crisp option. The scents here are bright, revitalizing, and energetic. Further, the unique quality concerning these scents is that they revitalize every year.


Moab is an arid spice with a deep and intense scent. It reflects the vastness of the West and is ideal for those who are interested in something different, but that smells divine as well.


Greylocke is a refreshing and restorative scent that is reflects the expression of nature and New England heritage. Those who choose this scent will appreciate the earthy and unique scents.


Hepcat is a fearless type of scent – it is coarse and it comes with undertones of smokiness and rawness. It is ideal for women who are interested in giving something unique and invigorating a chance.


Lastly, Siano is an expression of elation and it is an enchanting option as well.

Clearly, there are many scent options that users can choose from when it comes to products. The various options enable users to choose products that they can feel completely satisfied with. Further, the kit gives users the opportunity to try the products before purchasing.

Phlur Fragrances Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in unique, upbeat, natural, safe and high-quality fragrance brand may want to give Phlur a chance. This brand’s products are a safe and reliable solution that lead to optimal outcomes. To get started with this brand and to order some samples as the first step, just visit the brand’s website today. Overall, the products are also affordable and they ship out quickly as well.

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