Smart Wearable UV Tracker Sun Protection Device?


QSun is a wearable device that helps consumers to be more aware of their UV exposure during the day. The product is presently available through a Kickstarter campaign, earning funding to mass produce the item with support from investors.

What Is QSun?

Everyone needs to take time in the sun to get an adequate amount of vitamin D during the day, but there are many risks with prolonged exposure. Getting a sunburn is one of the most obvious ways that the skin is damaged but being out in the UV rays can cause cancer and multiple skin diseases, depending on how protected someone is.

Rather than developing another sunscreen, the creators of QSun offer a unique device to make people more aware of their exposure. It will not technically protect them from wearing the clip, but the knowledge about their exposure will help them to make better decisions about their outdoor activities. To record this information, the device has a built-in UVA/UVB sensor that tracks the details.

Using QSun

Consumers will need to clip the QSun device onto their clothing while they are outside to get the full effect.

To track all the information that QSun gathers, consumers need to download the QSun app, which also works without having the wearable device anyway. However, while connected with the QSun device, consumers can check how long they have been exposed to UV rays, the intensity of the rays, and the protection they used. This application will also notify the user when they need to seek protection and when they have overstayed their welcome in the sun.

The Kickstarter Campaign For QSun

Instead of allowing consumers to make a purchase of QSun right now, the product appears to still be in the funding stages. Consumers will not technically be able to pre-order, but they can submit a pledge to the campaign to get the first round of shipments.

Choose from the following pledge amounts:

  • CA$ 79 and up, for the QSun device and a two-year subscription to the app ($59 USD)
  • CA$ 119 and up, for two QSun devices and a two-year subscription to the app ($92 USD)
  • CA$ 234 and up, for four QSun devices and a two-year subscription to the app ($179 USD)

The shipments are expected to be sent out in June 2018. There has yet to be a return policy set up.

Contacting The Creators Of QSun

Even though consumers cannot order from the official website, they are still able to find links to the company’s social media accounts to keep up with updates. To directly speak with a representative, they can either send a direct message through Twitter or they can post their question on the FAQ section of the website.

QSun Summary

QSun can be used by both adults and children, since it will not impact their complexion directly. Monitoring the household’s exposure is a healthy and simple way to keep the user safe from the UV exposure that can cause terrible damage in the long run.

Even though this remedy is helpful to remind consumers to get out of the sun, they should still apply sunscreen throughout their time outside.

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