Utilizes 1-Androstene Increasing Lean Gains?

Muscle1 Strength1

Muscle1 Strength1 is a supplement that consumers can add into their routine to help then with the process of improving muscle mass during workouts. The treatment can be combined with the use of another product online, which is called Armor 8.

What Is Muscle1 Strength1?

Every consumer that wants to improve the way that their body looks from a workout will need some support. Some people want to enhance the way that their muscles develop, while others are looking to bulk up. Consumers may be able to improve their performance with protein supplements and pre-workout formulas, but Strength 1 by Muscle1 has developed a formula called Strength 1 that could also help.

How It Works

The advertisement for Muscle1 Strength1 says that it contains three compounds that help the user to get the performance that they want their routine. However, the only one that they name is 1-Andro, which they say comes from pine needles.

In studies about 1-Andro, the ingredient has been able to improve lean muscle mass with a consistent workout routine. It predominantly reduces lower-body fat and increases vascularity. It is not technically classified as a steroid and is instead used to promote better testosterone levels and act as a sex hormone aid.

Using Strength 1

Consumers are not given any information about the way that consumers should take the treatment. The 60-capsule bottle should be enough for a 30-day supply, so the assumption would be that the user needs to take two capsules daily. However, the specific details of the treatment are included in the package.

If the user already has a pre-workout treatment or a protein supplement in their routine, then they may want to speak with a doctor or nutritionist about switching over.

Pricing For Muscle1 Strength 1

Consumers will get a lot of value for their product, since there are multiple packages available. Furthermore, the buyer can add on the other supplement (Armor 8) for a small price. Choose from:

  • One bottle of Strength 1: $89.99
    • Plus Armor 8: $89.99 during promotion, $179.98 after promotion
  • Three bottles of Strength 1: $244.18
    • Plus three bottles of Armor 8 and a Muscle 1 shaker bottle: $244.18 during promotion, $479.94 after promotion
  • The Strength Stack: $257.98 during promotion, $699.91 after promotion
    • Includes: Three bottles of Strength 1, three bottles of Armor 1, one bottle of P-Cycle, one Muscle 1 gym bag, and one Muscle 1 shaker bottle

If there is any issue with the performance of the products for the user, consumers have up to 30 days to return the products for a full refund.

Contacting Muscle1

With any new supplement, the potential user should get as much information as possible. The customer service team can be reached by filling out the online form on the Muscle1 website.

Muscle1 Strength1 Conclusion

Strength 1 is meant for men, because there is a chance that it increases testosterone levels. The treatment does not offer much information online, so most of the details will likely be found in the package information and through customer service.

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